Institute of Chemistry

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Basic and applied research is focused on areas that are important for Slovenia and the world in the long run: materials research, research in the field of life sciences, biotechnology, chemical engineering, structural and theoretical chemistry, analytical chemistry and environmental protection. Here the institute is in line with the needs of the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive and nanobiotechnology industries synced with the priorities of the European Horizon Europe program.

One of the important areas of activity at the Institute of Chemistry is education with postgraduate students representing 25% of employees. They are trained within the framework of programs for young researchers. The Institute of Chemistry works closely with many Slovenian and reputable foreign industrial companies. The aim of the institute is to increase cooperation with industry and raise the innovation of researcher through education, expertise, assessments and technology services, product development. In the long-term it furthers foundation research for the technology and product development. With its integration into the European space, the institute is in contact with top research groups, and is participating in demanding projects with European industry, which has a spill over effect on research results in the Slovenian industry.

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