MAGNETI Ljubljana d.d.

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Magneti Ljubljana d.d. is a manufacturer of permanent magnets with a long tradition. Through their regular activities and in various development projects, often in cooperation with external research organizations, the company and its employees have acquired competences in the field of permanent magnet production as well as Supporting technologies, measuring techniques, materials development, machine and construction and the creation of automated workstations. They are trained and equipped to work effectively with development partners, using compatible CAD platforms. Magneti d.d. can support partners by performing basic calculations and simulations of the magnetic field and by developing dedicated measurement methods and systems. The company also has extensive experience in participating in projects required by the automotive industry.

The company Magneti Ljubljana constantly follows the progress in the development of new magnetic materials and is also successful in the independent development of materials and production processes, so that it can produce permanent magnets and systems from as modern materials as possible. The main goal of this operation is sustainable growth and the company’s profitability. Magneti has its own R&D group, which often carries out internal development projects in the field of materials development in cooperation with external institutions. According to the risk analysis in the field of raw materials and with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint of the entire supply chain, the company is intensively involved in international projects in the field of recycling of magnetic materials.

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