Competence center for modern management technologies – Zavod KC STV

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CONTACT: Rudi Panjtar -

KC-STV is an institute that represents a supportive environment for the implementation of various activities of the strategic consortium “Technology Network Process Management Technology”. The basic activity of the institute is to provide the TVP Technology Network with the necessary environment for:

– preparation of proposals for consortia of research and development projects

– coordinating the implementation of consortia in research and development projects and joint tasks

– participation in the introduction of developed technological solutions in which the network is a stakeholder, in use.

The Institute is registered with the ARRS to carry out its research and development activities. It is entered in the register of research organizations under number 3639. The bodies of the institute are the Council of the institute and the director. The director, as an individual body, performs the managerial function and the function of managing the professional work of the institute. The director of the institute is dr. Zoran Marinšek. The Council of the Institute consists of representatives from: the founders, users, employees and other members of the Institute.

KC-STV is an independent beneficiary of SRIP ToP, where it covers the field of control technologies, namely VVV Intelligent Control Systems for the Factories of the Future and HOM Control Technologies. It also actively participates in internationalization at the level of the entire SRIP ToP.

Tehnološki park 18, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija