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The Slovenian transmission gas pipeline system comprises 1,196 km of gas pipelines, compressor stations in Kidričevo and Ajdovščina and 251 metering, regulation or other stations. The transmission gas pipeline system connects most of Slovenia’s industrial and urban centers, except for the Coastal-Karst region, Bela krajina and parts of Notranjska and Dolenjska.

The Slovenian gas transmission system started operating in 1978 and was then gradually expanded and upgraded. In 2014, the last major investment cycle was completed with the construction of a gas pipeline from the Austrian border at Ceršak to Vodice near Ljubljana, which, in addition to providing additional necessary transmission capacity, improved the security and reliability of the transmission system.

As a transmission system operator, Plinovodi ensures safe and reliable operation of the transmission system through regular inspections and regular maintenance activities. The condition of transmission pipelines is regularly monitored by monitoring pipeline routes, by performing internal inspections of gas pipelines trough various methods of external inspections of pipeline network and by constantly monitoring operating parameters through a central control system. With the cathodic protection system, the transmission pipelines are protected against the development of corrosion damage. Based on preventive inspections and maintenance activities, the company Plinovodi estimates that the gas infrastructure is in very good operating condition.

As part of its activities, Plinovodi also approaches the preparation of the transmission gas pipeline system for operation with renewable gases. These are synthetic methane, biomethane and green hydrogen. Due to its effect on materials and elements of the system, these preparations are more extensive, especially in the case of hydrogen. Plinovodi also strives for as many sustainable projects as possible through collaborations and initiatives with other energy companies. Of these, the injection of hydrogen into the transmission pipeline system and its transmission via the transmission network are of great future importance for the company.

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