Petrol d.d., Ljubljana

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CONTACT: Aldijana Asanovski -; Marta Svoljšak -

Petrol is the largest Slovenian energy company, the largest Slovenian importer, one of the largest Slovenian companies in terms of revenue, and at the same time one of the largest Slovenian trading companies. The company’s core business is trading in petroleum products and gas, as well as other energy products. In this business area, Petrol generates more than 80 percent of all its sales revenues. It also has a leading market share in the Slovenian market. At the same time, Petrol also trades in consumer goods and services, which generate the remaining slightly less than 20 percent of revenue. The basic strategic directions of the Petrol Group’s development are the energy transition to a low-carbon society, the development of new technologies and the transformation of established methods of energy production, sale and use. The vision of the Petrol Group is to become an integrated partner in the energy transition with an excellent user experience.

+386 1 471 42 32
Dunajska cesta 50, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia