Evropski kulturni in tehnološki center Maribor so. p.

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CONTACT: Tanja Jakopič Rojec - tanja.jakopic@ektc.si

At the European Cultural and Technological Center Maribor, we monitor the latest technologies and events and inform young visitors about them and encourage them to spend their free time innovatively and actively by participating in our workshops and experiments in science, robotics and renewable energy sources.

Our activity is recognized by young students as supportive in deciding to study. Especially when it comes to focusing on natural and technical studies, they still learn many secrets of material and work that help them decide on a career. Also, the younger generations – 9th graders who decide which high school to go on, after several visits to our country it is much easier to decide for vocational and technical schools, as they learn about the achievements of new technologies that make professions much more interesting.

+386 41 770 618
Zagrebška cesta 18, Maribor, Slovenia